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Post-Tonal Tool Kit

The Post-Tonal Tool Kit (PTTK) is designed to be a one-stop app for pitch-class and tone row analysis of post-tonal music. It is the only app of its kind in the iOS App Store and Google Play Store. Features include a PC Set Calculator, a Subset/Superset Calculator and a Matrix Calculator. PTTK is updated from time to time in compliance with advances in the Android and iOS operating systems. Look for a new release in Summer 2020.


TherAPPist is designed to be a one-stop app for anyone who struggles with emotional extremes. It’s like having a therapeutic coach in your pocket. Features include a relaxation routine, soothing scenes, supportive smiles, and emergency numbers, and customization options.

Therapists today recognize the value of relaxing and refocusing attention on positive elements of our lives. Coupled with thoughts about the support we enjoy from others, these tactics can dampen emotional overreactions and restore feelings of control and mastery. Wiser choices result. Recovery happens. Life gets better.

TherAPPist is no longer available - if you are interested in this project, or one like it, please let us know. We'd love to bring this back to App Marketplace. A more detailed description with screen images is available.