Post Tonal Toolkit (PTTK)


The Post-Tonal Tool Kit is designed to be a one-stop app for pitch-class and tone row analysis of post-tonal music. Features include a PC Set Calculator, a Subset/Superset Calculator, and a Matrix Calculator.


This app is perfect for the music theory student analyzing post-tonal music. This app is also designed for the classroom and pedagogical uses. Analytical assignments can be designed to incorporate the features of the app that highlight relationships within sets and rows. The PC Set Calculator analyzes sets ranging from three to twelve pitches and provides: Forte name, Normal form, Prime form, IC Vector, Z-Mate, Tn Invariance, and TnI Invariance. The calculator also will provide the inversion and complement sets with all the above information and all sets can be analyzed for subset and superset relationships (a very handy tool when analyzing Webern!).

The Matrix Calculator will generate a matrix with any number of pitches up to twelve. The rows are numbered using the Straus/Roig-Francoli system (Introduction to Post-Tonal Theory/ Understanding Post-Tonal Music), where the P and I row labels correspond to the starting pitch class. Any number of pitch classes within the matrix can be highlighted and the selected set then sent back into the PC Set Calculator. !is feature is extremely helpful when comparing trichords, tetrachords, and hexachords.

Development Team

Garrett Hope, Ph.D. Professor of Music; April Edwards, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Science; Michael Dunlea; Justin Sciamanna; Duncan McLuckie; Rahul Manoharan; Eric Brown; Taylor Gallardo; Neal Shukla; and Scott Paine.

Image Credits

The application icon was developed by Adam "Hobbit" Donohue.

The in-app icons were purchased from Glyphish.


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