TherAPPist is designed to be a one-stop app for anyone who struggles with emotional extremes. It’s like having a therapeutic coach in your pocket. Offering tools for enhancing self control and emotional regulation. Features include a relaxation routine, soothing scenes, supportive smiles, and emergency numbers, and customization options.

Therapists today recognize the value of relaxing and refocusing attention on positive elements of our lives. Coupled with thoughts about the support we enjoy from others, these tactics can dampen emotional overreactions and restore feelings of control and mastery. Wiser choices result. Recovery happens. Life gets better.

This app is perfect for those looking for a way to cope better with life’s ups and downs. This app is also designed for the classroom to teach simple self calming strategies.


Relaxation routine: An audio relaxation induction develops skills for staying cool when times get hot.

Soothing scenes A selection of positive images invite refocusing and return to a happier baseline.

Supportive smiles A choice of friendly images and phrases you find helpful cheer you on.

Emergency numbers You can carry your important contacts for easy access

Development Team

Catherine Chambliss, Ph.D. Licensed Clinical Psychologist and Professor of Psychology; April Edwards, Ph.D. Professor of Computer Sciences; Brian Green, Michelle Tanco, Robert Stefankiewicz, Matthew Rink, Nathan Labourdette, James Hastings, and Justin Raber

Image Credits

The application icon was designed by Amanda Wade.


Home Screen

Home Screen


Soothing Meditation

Soothing Scenes

Choose from a variety of calming scenes

Home Screen

Supportive Smiles


Soothing Scene

Soothing Scenes

Emergency Contacts